Are You Tired of Paying TOO MUCH TAX?

Would you rather some of that money be in your pocket–either now or for retirement?  Fill out the contact form or call us (810) 629-0845.

Are you tired of getting unpleasant surprises at tax time? Fill out the contact form or call us (810) 629-0845.

About Us

We are a family business.

Dan Bosler is an Enrolled Agent (IRS licensed tax professional with unlimited representation privileges) and has been in the accounting business for 31 years.  He is the current treasurer of the Michigan Society of Enrolled Agents, and does some teaching in their educational events.  Dan and Irene (his wife) have six children and 11 grandchildren.

Ariel Ferguson has a Bachelors of Accounting and has been with us for 13 years.  She does most of our payroll services and our more difficult bookkeeping accounts.  She is the youngest of the six children and has two preschool boys.

Billie Ryder is our most recent addition to our staff, joining us last year.  Billie is very intelligent and will not rest until she has the right answer to either bookkeeping or tax issues.  And you will love her personality, as she laughs easily and is great with people. She is our contact person with the Fenton Chamber of Commerce and has made a number of meaningful contacts there.

Personal Tax Preparation

The tax code just keeps on changing and getting more complicated, and the Child Tax Credit for 2021 and 2022 is a perfect example.  The new rules apply if your Adjusted Gross Income is below one level, and if it is above that level, the old rules apply?

Getting a headache yet?  That is just one area of the tax code!

We have combined experience of over forty years, and we do a lot of continuing education to stay on top of the changes.

Rentals and Real Estate

We are considered to be real estate tax gurus.  One of our clients have about 100 properties!  We work with realtors as well as landlords.  We’d be happy to help.

Truck Drivers

We started this business working with truckers. My brother is a trucker, a brother in law is a trucker, another is a retired trucker, and a deceased father in law was a trucker.  Our owner used to sell insurance to truckers!  We’d love to assist you.

Business Accounting & Tax Planning

Business Accounting (Tax Return Ready Bookkeeping)

Small business owners only have so much time.  I know; I am one of them!  You must spread your time between three major areas:  sales and marketing; manufacturing and/or service; administration.  Sales and marketing bring business through the door–that makes you money.  Manufacturing or service–what you sell and collect money for–also makes you money.  Administration–keeping the books–done well saves you money; done poorly costs you money (someone has to fix it); it never makes you money, and it steals time away from the activities that DO make you money.

Let us free you from time-stealing bookkeeping so you can do what makes you more money.  We do it all for a lot of businesses.  We can do it for you, too.

Or we can check your work and do periodic corrections, bank reconciliations…whatever you need.  We can help.

Are You Satisfied with Basic Accounting, or Do You Want Active Tax Planning?

Are you tired of unexpected high tax surprises at the end of the year?  The only way to avoid that is to work with an accounting firm that can give you live current tax planning, and can give you instant results on changes you may want to make.

If you are using QuickBooks Online, we can produce live tax projections based on your accounting data

If you have one company, we can import live data from your QuickBooks Online account, combine that with your personal data, and produce a) current year tax projections on any given day, and b) tax strategies to help you pay less tax (and perhaps be able to retire more comfortably).  Monthly fee $50.  And we guarantee we will save you the annual cost of the tax planning fees or we will refund the difference.

Do you have two companies?  $100/month.  $50/month for each additional company.  Same guarantee.  We guarantee we will show you how to save that much in tax each year or we will refund the difference.

If you want to know what your projected tax liabilities are going to be so you don’t have a painful tax bill to pay, tax planning is for you.

Don’t delay.  Contact us today.

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Help With The IRS

Relieve Yourself of STRESS!

Do you have a tax problem? We will help you resolve your tax issues and get the IRS off your back. From tax penalty relief to wage garnishments to settling IRS debts, we do it all.

Don’t face the IRS alone. Only Enrolled Agents are federally licensed tax professionals with unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Get professional help without paying $500/hour!

Call Us At: (810) 629-0845 For More Information!

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    Joe Roberts
    Joe Roberts
    23:30 24 Aug 23
    Dan and his staff were there for me when I needed them and now things are way better for me. Couldn't ask for better... people to do my taxes yearly. I really thank Dan for all his wonderful work, I will be visiting thma yearly for a long time.read more
    Corinn Burhans
    Corinn Burhans
    12:55 28 Jul 21
    We found a nightmare after losing our mom. She hadn’t filed taxes in a couple years. I thought I could do them myself... but knew I was missing something. I absolutely could not believe how efficient and affordable Dan was. He saved us thousands of dollars. Stop searching for an accountant. We’ll never do our own taxes or go anywhere else. Thank you, Dan!read more
    Brad Burk
    Brad Burk
    17:06 07 Apr 21
    If you are a freelancer, sole proprietor, solopreneur, small business owner, entrepreneur, etc who's tired of doing... your own taxes and bookkeeping - Dan is a great solution. I'm happy to have freed up my time to focus on things that energize me and help move my business forward. Thanks again Dan!read more
    Sam E
    Sam E
    21:23 28 Mar 21
    Dan is wonderful to work with. He will accept documents digitally to make filing easier. Have used Affordable... Accounting for a few years and will stay with them for as long as possible.read more
    Troy Husted
    Troy Husted
    20:35 07 Mar 21
    Good, affordable and reliable service! Dan have provided all the necessary accounting.and taxes service for me over the... last 3 years. His team does an excellent job and keeps me well informed. I definitely recommend him and his firm for tax preparation and corporate book keeping.read more
    Trenton Wurm
    Trenton Wurm
    19:16 07 Mar 21
    Dan assisted me with 2 years taxes for my small businesses and personal tax returns. We met shortly after I called him... and he handled everything quickly. He is very affordable and pleasant to deal with.read more
    Lee Skelly
    Lee Skelly
    13:52 07 Mar 21
    I'm an Owner Operator Truck Driver. Anyone who knows our business understands there are a multitude of tax deductions... and other things we struggle with navigating every year. This year I was struggling to find an accountant who knew the struggles we go through, until I found Daniels business. Daniel is very professional, and also took great care with the current pandemic issue to meet all my expectations. I will definitely be back next year.read more
    Justin Rabidoux
    Justin Rabidoux
    22:19 06 Mar 21
    Very reliable and makes files for you in the most advantageous way. I have used Dan the last two years and will... continue to use him. Would recommend!read more
    Martin Banks
    Martin Banks
    20:23 06 Mar 21
    Thanks to Dan my financial records are in order. I appreciate his efficiency and the effort/advice given to me for in... my efforts to forecast and analyze my business. He very professional and knowledgeable about tax issues.read more
    Chad Thompson
    Chad Thompson
    20:10 06 Mar 21
    Highly recommend Dan for all accounting services! Dan has been my accountant for both personal and business for many... years and has done a great job. Very responsive to calls and emails, and has what I need right away. Overall great service and very affordable. Thanks Dan!read more
    Amanda Reidy
    Amanda Reidy
    21:11 11 May 20
    Not only is Dan a fabulous and detailed tax professional, but he is also going above and beyond during the pandemic to... help self employed and small business owners by offering to help with finding and securing government funding. I recommend Dan to everyone!read more
    Nancy Hall
    Nancy Hall
    15:11 18 Feb 20
    I’ve been going to Dan and Affordable Accounting Assistance for my tax preparation for years. Dan is a pro - fast,... efficient and well versed in the different tax laws for every state. I live in San Francisco and find it most cost-effective and comforting to work with Dan. I know he’s got my back.read more
    Tim Gluck
    Tim Gluck
    17:02 14 Feb 20
    Dan at Affordable Accounting Assistance is a fantastic resource for my business. He's always 100% responsive to calls... and emails, fast, friendly and accurate. Dan's firm represents exceptional value and even though its name is "Affordable" you NEVER have to worry that they compromise on quality.read more
    Dan B
    Dan B
    17:59 12 Nov 19
    Willing to dive in and get his hands dirty with a unique situation. Looking forward to an ongoing relationship with our... new CPAread more
    Mike Rogers
    Mike Rogers
    19:16 21 Oct 19
    We have found Dan Bosler and his team at Affordable Accounting Assistance to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful.... Would highly recommend for all accounting services.read more
    Bob Wright
    Bob Wright
    17:26 15 Oct 19
    Dan and Affordable Accounting Assistance does a great job. He and his staff are fast and really know what they're doing... - all at a very reasonable price. I definitely recommend him and his firm for tax preparation and corporate book keeping.read more
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