Business Accounting & Tax Planning

Business Accounting (Tax Return Ready Bookkeeping)

Small business owners only have so much time.  I know; I am one of them!  You must spread your time between three major areas:  sales and marketing; manufacturing and/or service; administration.  Sales and marketing bring business through the door–that makes you money.  Manufacturing or service–what you sell and collect money for–also makes you money.  Administration–keeping the books–done well saves you money; done poorly costs you money (someone has to fix it); it never makes you money, and it steals time away from the activities that DO make you money.

Let us free you from time-stealing bookkeeping so you can do what makes you more money.  We do it all for a lot of businesses.  We can do it for you, too.

Or we can check your work and do periodic corrections, bank reconciliations…whatever you need.  We can help.

Are You Satisfied with Basic Accounting, or Do You Want Active Tax Planning?

Are you tired of unexpected high tax surprises at the end of the year?  The only way to avoid that is to work with an accounting firm that can give you live current tax planning, and can give you instant results on changes you may want to make.

If you are using QuickBooks Online, we can produce live tax projections based on your accounting data

If you have one company, we can import live data from your QuickBooks Online account, combine that with your personal data, and produce a) current year tax projections on any given day, and b) tax strategies to help you pay less tax (and perhaps be able to retire more comfortably).  Monthly fee $50.  And we guarantee we will save you the annual cost of the tax planning fees or we will refund the difference.

Do you have two companies?  $100/month.  $50/month for each additional company.  Same guarantee.  We guarantee we will show you how to save that much in tax each year or we will refund the difference.

If you want to know what your projected tax liabilities are going to be so you don’t have a painful tax bill to pay, tax planning is for you.

Don’t delay.  Contact us today.

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