Personal Tax Preparation

Do you use a payment processor like Stripe, Square, Venmo, PayPal, Shopify, Zelle, Cash app, Google Pay, or Apple Pay for business or to transfer money back and forth between friends?

You might receive a 1099-K from that payment processor this year…and the IRS will probably expect it to be reported on your tax return, even if you and friends were just helping one another between paychecks.

Are you going to have to pay tax on money you did not earn?  Heaven, help us!

Well, we are not heaven, but we have combined experience of over fifty years dealing with tax issues, and we do a lot of continuing education to stay on top of the changes.  We can help you navigate the vastness of the “tax universe”.

Beginning with 2023 tax returns, we will be including Audit Protection as a part of all tax returns.  Peace of mind.

Rentals and Real Estate

We are considered to be real estate tax gurus.  One of our clients have about 100 properties!  We work with realtors as well as landlords.  We’d be happy to help.

Truck Drivers

We started this business working with truckers. My brother is a trucker, a brother in law is a trucker, another is a retired trucker, and a deceased father in law was a trucker.  Our owner used to sell insurance to truckers!  We’d love to assist you.

Small Business Owners

Nothing makes us happier than to see you succeed.  In business success means getting the right kind of information at the right time.  Paying the least amount in taxes means getting the right information at the right time and acting upon it.