Tax Preparation

Personal Tax Preparation

Need help preparing your tax return? We are recognized as one of “America’s Tax Experts”! Our credential is the highest issued by the Department of Treasury.

Business Tax Preparation

Have a business, non-profit, trust, or estate? Payroll? We handle all sorts of tax returns at very good rates.

Advanced CryptoCurrency Tax Expert

With the IRS’ successful subpoena of Coinbase records, taxpayers who have failed to include their cryptocurrency sales, exchanges, and cash outs (even through purchases of goods and services) now have to report EVERY sales transaction.  We can help you get compliant, as well as help you solve big IRS problems!

Tax Bill Too High?

If you own a business, you may be paying too much in taxes. Contact us and we will give you a free 15 minute consultation on how you can save a bunch of money EVERY YEAR in taxes–through one simple, shrewd move the smart business professionals use!